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Laguna Home

Steve Donnelly

Current Superheroes of Rock

Greg Langille (Bass) Info

John Cormier (Guitar) Info

Stephen K. Donnelly (Squealing guitar and hollerin') Info

Tim Connolly (Drum thumpin' and croonin') Info

Former Band Members

• Andrew J. C. Swift (Drummin' and cussin') Info)

• Bryan Maxted (Crunchy guitar) Info)

• Dan Dannenberg (Bass and Fleetwood Mac impersonations) Info)

• George Jennings (Bass thumpin' and groanin') Info)

• Rob Porter (Drummin' and smokin' (on stage that is)) Info)

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Photos: Jim Grace, Dan Dannenberg & Greg Langille

                       Alternative Rock, Grunge, Independent, Indie, Music, Band, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Robert Porter, Rob Porter, Stephen Donnelly, Steve Donnelly, Dan Dannenberg, Daniel Dannenberg, former members of Jimmy George, Pigout, Dr. Shiney Forehead, Sugarbush.