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Steve Donnelly
• Friday April 18, 2003 •

Laguna #30 on CKCU Chart April 18, 2003

Laguna's debut CD "Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea" charts at number 30 this week on CKCU in Ottawa. CKCU is the Carleton University campus station which broadcasts throughout the region. Here is the full chart for your perusal:

     CKCU                       Ottawa, ON                      18-APR-03      
     ARTIST                     TITLE                           LABEL          
1    Be Good Tanyas *           Chinatown                       Nettwerk       
2    Chains *                   On Top Of Things                Independent    
3    Golden Famile *            Eastern, Cloudy                 Independent    
4    Kristin Hersh              The Grotto                      4AD            
5    Ani Difranco               Evolve                          Righteous Babe 
6    Tangiers *                 Hot New Spirits                 Sonic Unyon    
7    Afro-Celt Sound Syst       Seed                            RealWorld      
8    Boy *                      Boy                             Bumstead       
9    DJ Vadim                   USSR: The Art Of Listening      Ninja Tune     
10   Blackeyes *                From A Blue Room                Independent    
11   Jon Langford/Sadies        Mayors On The Moon              Bloodshot      
12   Matthew Good *             Avalanche                       Universal      
13   Folk Implosion             The New Folk Implosion          BMG            
14   White Stripes              Elephant                        V2             
15   Eve Goldberg *             Crossing The Water              Borealis       
16   Cursive                    The Ugly Organ                  Saddlecreek    
17   Ray Bonneville *           Roll It Down                    Stony Plain    
18   Aphex Twin                 26 Mixes For Cash               Warp           
19   Laika                      Lost In Space                   Too Pure       
20   Calexico                   Feast Of Wire                   Quarterstick   
21   Kinnie Starr *             Sun Again                       Maple Music    
22   DJ You DJ Me               Can You See The Music?          Eenie Meenie   
23   Evalyn Perry               Unreasonable                    Outspoke       
24   Four Frames                Current Situation                              
25   Bellrays                   Raw Collection                  Upper Cut      
26   Hidden Cameras *           The Smell Of Our Own            Evil Evil      
27   Jaws Of The Flying..       Blue-Eyed Sunburned Easte       Baby Universe  
28   Tri Continental *          Let's Play                      Trad. & Moderne
29   Fearless Freep *           Go Cry                          Mag Wheels     
30   Laguna *                   Looking Forward...              Independent    
31   Washboard Hank *           Hooray For Washboard Hank       Independent    
32   Deadly Snakes *            Ode To Joy                      In The Red     
33   Maynards *                 Sweethearts Of The Scienc       King Amos      
34   Moldy Peaches              Unreleased Cutz & Live...       Rough Trade    
35   High Llamas                Retrospective, Rarities..       V2             


• Thursday April 3, 2003 •

CD Review in XPress

See the Press section for details click here

• Wednesday January 15, 2003 •

Laguna Debut CD Finally Available!

Recorded in Greg's basement, with additional overdubs, mixing and mastering done in Steve's basement... somebody had to officially declare the album finished and I finally did. It is out to radio and available via, we'll see how it goes... MP3's of individual tracks are also available for your listening pleasure at
TuneVault Page

• Sunday September 1, 2002 •

Laguna Featured On Canadian Compilation

The Laguna track "Sleeping in the Van" from their forthcoming CD "Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea" will appear on a new compilation CD. Entitled "From Far And Wide", the CD will be released by Crunch Fly Records out of Ottawa, Canada. The CD also features tracks from The Sin-Tones, T-Shirt, Rhume, Boy, pongthrob w/Janice Hall, The Golden Seals, The Crackband, Alex Murdoch, Sawdogs, The Patsies, NAM:LIVE!, Vasoline Dogs, The Surf Punksters, Wayne Omaha, Dry Heeves, and Raking In The Pinecones.
More info at Crunch Fly Records  Photo

• Saturday March 30, 2002 •

Album Work Continues...

Bed tracks were recorded in Greg's basement and Steve is working on vocals and mixing in his basement for a spring release. Hopefully...

• Sunday December 2, 2001 •

Photos of Zaphod's Show Added

Check the lovely photos by Fiona on the Photos page

• Wednesday April 19, 2000 •

Laguna Loses Rhythm

Citing lack of enthusiasm and general malaise, Andrew and George have pulled the plug on Laguna 2.0 forcing an upgrade to Laguna 3.0 earlier than anticipated. Not that it was anticipated at all. Upon hearing the news and when pressed for his feelings on the matter Bryan also decided to bail rather than face the onslaught of angry fans. Ceiling fans that is. Tonight's show at Zaphod Beeblebrox marks the end of an era remarkable for a few high-profile shows (Mike Watt, NXNE showcase) and the recording of 17 songs in 3 sessions at Little Bullhorn. Search for new band members now commences.

• Thursday January 20, 2000 •

Laguna Review at The Alt-Pop MP3 Review

"Laguna - Vinyl

New to the power pop category this week. An ode to the days before CDs, with excellent bows to bands no one admits they used to listen to, if they were old enough (e.g., Black Sabbath)-- "My dreams were recorded on vinyl, 22 minutes a side." Yes, back when bands could get away with 8 songs on an album, but they were 8 good songs, not 17 pieces of schlock. The singer has a slightly nasal quality in his voice, but it didn't annoy me. The Ottawa-baesd band sounds like a combination of Replacements, Dinosour Jr. (minus J. Mascis solos) and Bare Naked Ladies. The website has 13 files available for download, but of the ones I listened to, I liked Vinyl and Your Disease the best. (Review added 1-20-99)"

The Alt-Pop MP3 Review

• Thursday December 16, 1999 •

More Work Completed On Album

Steve Donnelly returned to Little Bullhorn productions today and did some more work on the forthcoming Laguna CD, still untitled. He managed to record vocals and add guitar to about 12 songs in a gruelling 5-hour session that went into the wee hours. Upon exiting the studio, he found his car completely covered in snow. Then he went home and was very tired at work the next day.

• Saturday December 4, 1999 •

Laguna Commences Work On First Album

Laguna entered the studio for the first time this week to commence work on their first CD. The band laid down bed tracks (everything but vocals) for 16 or so songs, mostly comprised of originals with covers of "Take It On The Run" (REO Speedwagon) and "Frontiers" (originally recorded by Steve's former band Jimmy George). The as-yet-untitled CD will feature a plethora of band originals and possibly a suprise of the REO Speedwagon variety. A few more studio dates will be required to complete vocals, some overdubs and final mixing. Look for the album in the new year.

• Sunday October 24, 1999 •

Laguna Featured On Local News

A cameraman for the New RO, an Ottawa-area station, captured two Laguna songs during our set opening for Mike Watt at Zaphod Beeblebrox 2 this evening. The shots were edited together and the audio for one of the songs, "Tetanus Shot" was used in the closing credits to the 11pm newscast on the station that night.

Stay tuned, a video clip will be available right here shortly!

The New RO's Web Site (not quite ready for prime-time!)

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