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Equipment (feel free to contact us to discuss equipment rental). For a list of past clients and projects see the discography page

Preamps & Recording :
- SSL Alpha Link 24-channel AD/DA converters
- Neve 8816 mixer with analog-digital converter
- Watkins WEM Copicat tube tape delay (1960's)
- Phoenix Audio DRS-8 Mk2 preamps (made in USA by former Neve designers)
- Great River ME-1NV preamp (modern take on Neve sound)
- Golden Age Pre-73 preamp (Neve 1073 clone)
- Ampex 601 preampShure SM7 and Golden Age Pre-73
- 4x Scully 280 preamps
- DBX 760x dual preamp (clean with lots of gain)
- M-Audio DMP3 dual preamp
- Art Tube MP V3 tube preamp

- Cockos Reaper
- Avid Pro Tools 9 & 10
- Sony Acid Pro 7.0
- Licenced plugins including Izotope Ozone 5, Waves Studio Classics (incl. SSL and API console emulations), Waves Gold, Waves Kramer Tapes, Tubes and Transistors, Waves Chris Lord-Alge Classic Compressors, Waves Center, Waves Element

- Peluso 2247SE tube microphone (Neumann U47 clone)
- RCA 77-D ribbon microphone (1945-1955) - iconic mic used by Sinatra, Elvis etc.
- Neumann TLM 102
- Shure KSM32 large diaphragm condenser (great all-around mic including vox and guitar cabinets)
- Shure SM7b dynamic (same mic as used by Michael Jackson on Thriller, Metallica on Some Kind of Monster, Sheryl Crow, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.)
- Rode M3 small-diaphragm condenser pair (great as overheads and on acoustic instruments)
- Rode NT1 large diaphragm condenser
- Revox M3500 (Beyerdynamic m201 clone)
- AKG D112 (large-diaphragm dynamic for kick, bass)
- Apex 215 dual ribbon (old-school mic great for vocals, room mic on drums)
- Shure Beta58, SM57, SM58, Super 55, vintage 55S, and various others

- Gretsch Bop drum kit (20/14/12)
- vintage AceTone Top-8 keyboard
- 1966 Fender Jazzmaster guitar
- 1980's JV series Squier Jazz bass
- CCB upright bass
- Carter Starter pedal steel
- 1950's National lap steel
- Epiphone Les Paul Jr.
- Fender JagStang (first run)
- Gretsch 5129 Electromatic hollow-body
- Fender Squier / Warmouth custom baritone guitar
- Fender Kingman acoustic
- Silvertone acoustic
- Camaro accordion
- CCV violin
- Hohner bass harmonica (hang on to your ego!)
- jaw harps, kazoos and percussion

- 1978 Fender Deluxe Reverb (silver face)
- 1980's Fender Champ 12 (all tube)
- Roland Cube 30
- Ampex PF-500 bass head and PB210 & 410HE cabinets
- vintage Gibson 2x12 guitar/PA cabinet, Yorkville/Peavey PA system. Available on request: 70's silver face Fender Vibrolux, Peavey Classic 30, Fender Vibroverb, 1980's Fender Super 210 (all tube)

Misc: various BOSS & Danelectro effects, Proco Rat, Hermida Zendrive, Fulltone Dual Drive, Atomic Brain, and many more

Contact us to discuss your audio recording, mixing or mastering needs.

For CD artwork design see our Design page

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