Superheroes of Rock! Laguna is a 3-piece alternative rock band residing in Danger City, Canada.


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Ottawa XPress
April 3, 2003

Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea
3 1/2 stars (out of 5)

After five years of lineup changes, the revolving door that is Laguna finally managed to settle down long enough to deliver its debut, Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea, a ragged but altogether tuneful slab of no-frills rock 'n' roll. The shambolic quartet rumbles like the Pixies fronted by David Lowery with a mild hangover - and that's a good thing. "My dreams were recorded on vinyl 22 minutes a side," crows ringleader Stephen
Donnelly on the opening cut Vinyl, tipping his hat to rock's distant past. The brash attack - dual guitars, drums and bass - bounds out of the gate strong but hesitant, maybe a band still working out the kinks. Fortunately, the cautious manner doesn't last too long. The more cohesive brawn of Paramount, Beauty of Space and the Pet Sounds-flavoured Feeling California highlight a solid first outing. (Steve Baylin)



Alternative Rock, Grunge, Independent, Indie, Music, Band, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Robert Porter, Rob Porter, Stephen Donnelly, Steve Donnelly, Dan Dannenberg, Daniel Dannenberg, former members of Jimmy George, Pigout, Dr. Shiney Forehead, Sugarbush.