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As the main writer for The Kingmakers, his own act Laguna and his recording project Friends of Steve, Steve Donnelly has written over a hundred songs and helped many others fine-tune their own. Need a jingle, a drum loop, a sample, some voiceover work, a score or song for your indie film? Our writing knows no bounds.

Songs we've written and recorded have been placed in over 500 television shows and promo spots. Our soundtrack work includes work for the demo reel for cartoon show Daft Planet on TeleToon.

Steve's songwriting credits include:

Laguna - "The Intro Is The Chorus" (2018) - 10 tracks
Krystal Jyl and the Jacks
- "Self-titled" (2017) - 12 tracks
The Kingmakers
- "Chicago Hi-Style" (2014) - 7 tracks
Ninety Pounds of Ugly - "Never Going Back" (2012) - 2 tracks ("Dear Electric Company", "Hell Is Rising")
The Kingmakers – “Last Night In Nashville” CD (2010) – 10 tracks
Ninety Pounds of Ugly – “Richmond Motel Room #3” CD (2009) – 1 track ("Not Tonight")
Friends of Steve - "Staggering Word of Hearbroken Genius" (2009) - 16 tracks
The Kingmakers – “Tupelo To Memphis” CD (2009) – 11 tracks
The Kingmakers - "Live at SUN Studio" CD (2007) - 2 tracks
Laguna – “Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea” CD (2003) – 12 tracks Review
Laguna – "Little Bullhorn Sessions" (2000) – 12 tracks
Jimmy George "Ottawa City Speedway" Compilation CD (Various Artists) (1996)- 1 track ("The Way It's Always Been")
Jimmy GeorgeHotel Motel” CD (1995) – 1 track and cowrote/arranged all others
Jimmy GeorgeA Month of Sundays” CD (1994) – 1 track and cowrote/arranged all others
Mystic Zealots – “Still My Eyesore” CD (1992) – 1 track ("Granite")
Mystic Zealots – “Joyride” Cassette (1991) – 1 track
Ten Miles High – 12 original songs (performed live 1987-88, unreleased)

Feel free to contact us.

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