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Looking for audio mastering in or near Ottawa, Canada?...

Mastering boosts the levels of your recording to compete with commercial recordings on the radio today, while also enhancing and adjusting frequency response, dynamics, stereo image, ambience, etc. for a full, even, professional sound. Mastering adds that "sheen" that distinguishes commercial recordings from basement demos. Not that there is anything wrong with basement demos. Other problems with the mix can often be remedied or at least downplayed by the mastering process.

Thanks to the internet, you don't even need to be located near us to use our services. With free file transfer services such as Dropbox.com and Fileden.com you can send us your final mixes (preferably in 24-bit/96K WAV or something similar) and we can take it from there.

Mastering clients/projects include:

Mike Plume "Back Home For Christmas" EP
The Ya-Ya's - Wild Horses single
Mike Plume "Red and White Blues" album
Ninety Pounds of Ugly "Never Going Back" album
Lefty McRighty "Nashville Roadkille" album
Uncle Sean & The Shifty Drifters "Honky Tonk Heart" album
Ray Harris "Poorly Kept Secrets" album
Uncle Sean & The Shifty Drifters "Drinkin' Ramblin' Honky Tonkin' " CD (5-star review in Country Music People)
Huntley Slim "Make Work Project" EP
The Kingmakers "Last Night In Nashville " CD (4-star review in Country Music People & Blue Suede News)
Ray Harris "West Virginia Coal Mine " single
Uncle Sean & The Shifty Drifters "Drinkin' Ramblin' Honky Tonkin' " CD (5-star review in Country Music People)
Ninety Pounds of Ugly "Richmond Motel Room #3" CD (4-star review in Country Music People and voted best roots album of 2009 by Ottawa XPress)
Ray Harris "East End West End North End South End" CD
Bible All-Stars "Pretty Down There" remix/remaster
The Kingmakers "Tupelo To Memphis" CD
The Kingmakers "Live at SUN Studio" CD
The Lowbellies Self-titled CD
Laguna "Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea" CD
Jimmy George "Same Sh!t Different Day " CD remaster
Sawdogs CD
Plank "Checking for Nerve Damage"

Feel free to contact us for your mastering needs.

A note on loudness: an unfortunate side-effect of advances in limiting and compression technology is the so-called "loudness wars", wherein each artist/label/studio tries to outdo the next in terms of perceived loudness of their music. Unfortunately this loudness is at the expense of dynamic range, and often results in a generic, squashed sound that we don't particularly enjoy. While we are happy to accomodate our clients' wishes, we prefer to emphasize sound quality and dynamics over volume, since our artists tend to be more concerned with the album as a whole and their body of work, rather than churning out radio-friendly unit shifters.

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