The big question: "What does TenVolt mean?"

Go back. Way back. To January, 1998 in the great white north. Much of eastern Ontario and western Quebec was still reeling from the "ice storm" that downed thousands of trees and power lines and caused millions of dollars worth of damage.

In unrelated news, two brothers decided to form a company and change the world. In that order. They needed a name. A cool name. An interesting name. A name that was available as a .com.

Steve tries to explain the thought process:

1. the web is cool
2. we want to make the web cooler
3. what else is cool? The toys we had when we were growing up in the seventies.
4. what makes toys cooler? Batteries. Nine volt batteries.
5. was taken. is one better - we make the web cooler, to a greater degree than the nine volt batteries made our childhood toys cooler.

( 9v battery : electronic toy ) + 1 | : web

Or something like that.

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