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TenVolt Consulting Inc. was incorporated in 1997 when brothers Stephen and Craig Donnelly decided to pool their resources and talents to create a better world for others and themselves. Although not necessarily in that order. Michael Lawson and Matthew Friend joined the company as partners in 1999. Here is some background on a few of the key players.


W. Craig Donnelly President Bio Email

Stephen K. Donnelly Vice President, New Media Bio Email


Amanda Donnelly has extensive background in corporate administration and bookkeeping and serves as administrative and financial consultant to the company.

Robert E. Donnelly has extensive background in web hardware and software configuration and support as well as web site administration and design, and acts as consultant and business development associate to the company.

Brent Donnelly, based in Toronto, Ontario, has an extensive background in international currency trading and serves as financial consultant and Toronto area business development associate to the company.

Straznicky and Associates, small business accountants, serve as financial and corporate advisors to the company.
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